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EXO-K Member Profile

1) Suho

Suho is EXO-K’s leader. According to the members, he is a kind and polite leader who likes to buy them delicious things to eat. He likes to resolve conflicts with peaceful conversations rather than incessant yelling. He is one of the main vocalists for EXO-K. Fans have noticed that while he sings, he likes to make “interesting” faces, which can bring forth a bunch of laughter.
EXO Member Profile Suho
  • Stage Name: Suho
  • Real Name: Kim Jun Myeon
  • Nickname: Sunnouncer (Suho + Announcer), Esuhort (Suho + Escort), Leader, Jun Ma Hao
  • Position: Leader of EXO-K, Lead Vocalist
  • Born: May 22nd, 1991
  • Astrological Zodiac Sign: Gemini
  • Personality: Exemplar, polite and considerate leader
  • Family: Father, Mother, Older Brother (4 years older)
  • Height: 173cm or 5 feet 6/7 inches
  • Weight: 65kg or 143lbs
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Education: Korea National University of Arts  – Majoring in Acting
  • Super Power (Badge): Water
  • Habits: Clearing his throat while saying “ah!”
  • Favorites:
    • Favorite Foods: Sushi
    • Favorite Number: 8
    • Favorite Colors: Violet, Gold
    • Favorite Hobbies: Cycling, Acting, Imitating SHINee’s Jonghyun, Playing golf
    • Favorite Music: Punk Rock
    • Favorite Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean
    • Favorite Motto: ”Know yourself”
    • Favorite place to go: The Han River
    • Favorite Fashion Style: Dandy Style
    • Celebrities:
      • Role Models: Super Junior, DBSK
      • Celebrities they’re close with: SHINee’s Jonghyun, Taemin, and Minho. Super Junior’s Leeteuk, Donghae, and Kyuhyun. 
      Fun Facts:
      • He was discovered on the streets by a SM casting manager. He joined the SM Casting System in 2006.
      • He was introduced as an EXO member on February 15th, 2012.
      • His ideal girl is one with literary interests. She has long straight hair and enjoys reading.
      • His roommate is EXO-K maknae Sehun.
      • Fans and critics has dubbed him as the second Choi Siwon.
      • He made a cameo in TVXQ’s music video for “HaHaHa Song”, alongside Kai and Chanyeol.
      • He’s good at making honey water.
      • He likes to solve problems with peaceful conversations.
      • He buys his fellow members delicious food to eat.
      • He likes to check in on each of his members to see how they’re doing and if anything’s bothering them.
2. Kai
Kai is the face of EXO-K and one of their best dancers. He was the first member of EXO-K to be introduced, and he is the most frequent member to make an appearance. He has an undying love for dance and is skilled in various genres of dance. He may portray himself as a sexy, blunt idol, but beneath the surface, he is a warm-hearted person who can be awkward when expressing his feelings (just check out various fancams of him).
EXO Member Profile Kai
  • Biography:
  • Stage Name: Kai
  • Real Name: Kim Jong In
  • Nickname: Kkamjong, Dark Skin
  • Position: Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Face of the group
  • Born: January 14th, 1994
  • Astrological Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  • Personality: Manly, noisy, child-like, warm-hearted, bossy, likes to play games, hard to express feelings
  • Family: Father, Mother, 2 older sisters (one 9 years older and another 5 years)
  • Height: 182cm or 6 feet
  • Weight: 65kg or 143lbs
  • Blood Type: A
  • Education: Seoul Arts High School
  • Super Power (Badge): Teleportation
  • Habit: Biting his lips
  • Favorites:
  • Favorite Foods: Fried Chicken
  • Favorite Number: 1
  • Favorite Colors: Black, Red, Sky Blue
  • Favorite Hobbies: Dancing, reading books, listening to music
  • Favorite Music: R&B, Hip Hop
  • Favorite Movie: Billy Elliot, Pirates of the Carribean
  • Favorite Motto: “I’d rather bend than break.”
  • Favorite place to go: SM’s practice room, and SM’s rooftop
  • Favorite Fashion Style: Dandy and neat style. He also wears shirts and T-shirts with characters on them. In the winter, he likes to wear lots of sweaters.
  • Celebrities:Role Models: Michael Jackson
  • Celebrities they’re close with: SHINee’s Taemin. 
  • Fun Facts:
  • He was cast into SM Entertainment after winning the company’s Youth Best Contest in 2007.
  • He shares a room with D.O.
  • He’s good at all types of games.
  • He had a cameo in TVXQ’s “HaHaHa Song” MV with Suho and Chanyeol.
  • He made a cameo in Taetiseo’s Twinkle MV with Sehun, Baekhyun and Chanyeol.
  • He appeared in 13 EXO teasers before the group finally debuted.
  • He performed at SBS’s Gayo Daejun event with EXO-M’s Lu Han, Chen, and Tao on December 29th, 2011.
  • His ideal type is Han Yeseul. He likes a girl who is gentle and affectionate.
  • His dance specialties include Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Popping and Locking.
  • He was introduced as an EXO member on December 23rd, 2011.
  • He says that he wants to treat others well, but he’s awkward when it comes to expressing his feelings.
  • He says that some people consider him blunt and chic, while others consider him to be cute like a puppy.

Sehun is the maknae of EXO-K. He is the member with the most aegyo. He is quiet and shy at first, but after you get to know him, he is very lively. He can hardly stay still. He is very close with EXO-M member Luhan, because Luhan was the first friend he had made while being a trainee. He cries a lot, and cares deeply for the rest of his members. He stated in an interview that he prays every night for them.
EXO Member Profile Sehun 1
  • Stage Name: Sehun
  • Real Name: Oh Se Hun
  • Nickname: Senshine, White Skin
  • Position: Maknae, Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Sub-vocalist
  • Born: April 12th, 1994
  • Astrological Zodiac Sign: Aries
  • Personality: Shy, mischievous, sincere, considerate, becomes more lively as you get to know him
  • Family: Father, Mother, older brother (3 years)
  • Height: 181cm or 5 feet 9 inches
  • Weight: 63.5kg or 140lbs
  • Blood Type: O
  • Education: Seoul Arts High School
  • Super Power (Badge): Wind
  • Habit: Sticking out his tongueFavorites:
    • Favorite Foods: Meat and sushi
    • Favorite Number: 3, 5, 7
    • Favorite Colors: White, black
    • Favorite Hobbies: Listening to music, acting, dancing
    • Favorite Music: Hip Hop
    • Favorite Movie: Action movies
    • Favorite Motto: “Let’s live while doing things we like!”
    • Favorite place to go: SM Entertainment company
    • Favorite Fashion Style: Neat
    • Role Models: BoA
    • Celebrities they’re close with: Super Junior’s DonghaeFun Facts:
      • He was scouted on the streets when he was only 12 years old.
      • He joined S.M. Entertainment in 2008 after going through 4 auditions in 2 years.
      • After 1 day of being a trainee, his interests in singing became his passion.
      • He is a former ulzzang.
      • He shares a room with Suho.
      • He likes to cry.
      • He is not a scheming/manipulative person.
      • He cares and thinks deeply for each EXO member. He prays every night for them.
      • His phone’s wallpaper is of Victoria Secret angel Miranda Kerr.
      • His ideal type of woman is a kind woman who is clean, neat, and has a bubbly personality.
      • He is very playful and can hardly stay in one spot.
      • He has a lisp and has trouble pronouncing the letter S.
      • He keeps up with information on EXO. E.g. album sales.
      • He takes selcas while thinking of his fans.
      • He was dubbed the member with the most Aegyo. When members ask him to do stuff, he would say “No, I don’t want to do it!” while hitting them on the arm.
      • He was officially introduced as an EXO member on January 10th, 2012.
      • He made a cameo appearance in Taetiseo’s Twinkle music video.
      • His first friend was EXO-M’s Luhan.

Chanyeol is one of the main rappers in EXO-K. He is known as the “Happy Virus” and with good reason. He is always cheerful and bright. He’s doing crazy things at all moments, which you can see if you look at various fancams of him. He partner in crime is Baekhyun, and those two are always causing a ruckus. He is a huge fan of 2NE1′s Dara, and when standing next to her, he was frozen in panic. While he may be a rapper at the moment, in the future, he will probably delve into acting as well.
EXO Member Profile Chanyeol
  • Stage Name: Chanyeol
  • Real Name: Park Chan Yeol
  • Nickname: Wealthy teeth, Happy virus, King of Derps
  • Position: Main rapper, Vocalist
  • Born: November 27th, 1992
  • Astrological Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
  • Personality: Bright, Positive, Romantic
  • Family: Father, Mother, older sister (3 years)
  • Height: 185cm or 6 feet
  • Weight: 70kg or 154lbs
  • Blood Type: A
  • Education: Hyundai Chungun High School
  • Super Power (Badge): Flame (Phoenix)
  • Habit: Following the rhythm of a song with his handsFavorites:
    • Favorite Foods: Galbi, Tonkatsu
    • Favorite Number: 21
    • Favorite Colors: Black
    • Favorite Hobbies: Listening to music, playing instruments (he can play a lot of instruments)
    • Favorite Music: Hip Hop, Rap
    • Favorite Movie: School of Rock
    • Favorite Motto: “Enjoy yourself”
    • Favorite place to go: Sinchon, Hongdae, Myeondong
    • Favorite Fashion Style: Street, Hip Hop
    • Role Models: Jason Mraz, Eminem
    • Celebrities they’re close with: DBSK’s U-Know Yunho and Super Junior’s SiwonFun Facts:
      • At the age of 16, he was enrolled into a private acting school (future actor?)
      • In high school, he formed a temporary band.
      • He won second place in a televised modeling contest.
      • He joined SM Entertainment in 2008 through the SM Casting System
      • He made a cameo appearance in TVXQ’s “HaHaHa Song” music video alongside Kai and Suho.
      • He also made an appearance in TaeTiSeo’s Twinkle MV alongside Kai, Baekhyun, and Sehun.
      • He made an appearance in Girls’ Generation’s Genie music video (Japanese version).
      • He was the last EXO member to be introduced. His debut appearance was on February 23rd, 2012.
      • He can play the guitar, drums, African drums, and bass.
      • He specializes in acting.
      • He is roomies with Baekhyun (they make for a dynamic duo).
      • Baekhyun says that Chanyeol’s breathing is too loud, and that he makes a loud sniffling noise before he falls asleep.
      • The first idol group that he liked was TVXQ.
      • His ideal girl is someone who is cute, smiles a lot, and is sincere.
      • He is passionate about learning how to play new instruments.
      • He calls himself “Reversal Voice” because his baby face is contrasted by his deep, manly voice.
      • When you’re next to him, you’ll be laughing no matter what.

Baekhyun is one of the main vocalists in EXO-K. He has a powerful and charismatic voice and stage presence, but off the stage, he is a bright, cheerful, childlike person. He is closest with member Chanyeol, and together they cause a lot of ruckus in the group. Members say that Baekhyun is constantly talking, and that he and Chanyeol always spend their times playing video games in their dorm room. Baekhyun is a friendly person who loves to socialize with others and make new friends.
EXO Member Profile Baekhyun
  • Stage Name: Baekhyun
  • Real Name: Byun Baek Hyun
  • Nickname: Bacon, Beef
  • Position: Main Vocalist
  • Born: May 6th, 1992
  • Astrological Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Personality: Bright, cheerful, kind, loves to socialize, likes making new friends
  • Family: Father, Mother, older brother (7 years)
  • Height: 174cm or 5 feet 7 inches
  • Weight: 58kg or 128lbs
  • Blood Type: O
  • Education: Jungwon High School
  • Super Power (Badge): Light (Sun)
  • Habit: No particular habit (that he knows of)Favorites:
    • Favorite Foods: Korean food, Japanese food, Chinese food, Western food. He likes all food, he doesn’t discriminate.
    • Favorite Number: 48
    • Favorite Colors: Black, White, Grey
    • Favorite Hobbies: Listening to music, watching movies, singing, hapkido, playing the piano
    • Favorite Music: R&B, pop music, punk rock
    • Favorite Movie: Sci-Fi fantasy and action movies
    • Favorite Motto: “Life is only a path full of efforts”
    • Favorite place to go: The practice room
    • Favorite Fashion Style: Tidily casualCelebrities:
      • Role Models: Rain
      • Celebrities they’re close with: None (at the moment)
      Fun Facts:
      • His ideal girl is someone full of charm.
      • While studying for entrance exams, he was scouted by an SM scouting agent.
      • He joined SM Entertainment through the SM Casting System in 2011.
      • He was officially introduced as an EXO member on January 30th, 2012.
      • He made a cameo appearance in TaeTiSeo’s Twinkle music video.
      • Chanyeol says Baekhyun yelps like a dog 40 times before going to sleep.
      • He joined his high school’s musical band and they won an award at a local rock festival.
      • On stage, he is filled with charisma, but off stage, he is cute, fun, and a breath of fresh air for those around him.
6. D.O

D.O is one of the main vocalists in EXO-K. He is a quiet person, however, he has his moments where he plays and jokes around with the other members. At the dorm, he is the tidiest members, with all of his belongings organized very neatly. He is also a great cook, and he is always making food for the other members. If he decided not to pursue singing, he would have been a cook instead.
EXO Member Profile D.O 1
  • Stage Name: D.O
  • Real Name: Do Kyung Soo
  • Nickname: Heenjabuja (rich in whites), Umma, Orchestra boy, The pop out eyes, Pororo
  • Position: Main vocalist
  • Born: January 12th, 1993
  • Astrological Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  • Personality: Quiet, acts like a mother to the other members, sentimental, considerate
  • Family: Father, Mother, older brother (3 years)
  • Height: 173cm or 5 feet 7 inches
  • Weight: 60kg or 132lbs
  • Blood Type: A
  • Education: N/A
  • Super Power (Badge): Earth
  • Habit: Hums along to songs
  • Favorite Foods: Spaghetti
  • Favorite Number: 1
  • Favorite Colors: Black
  • Favorite Hobbies: Interpreting lyrics. Singing. Beatboxing.
  • Favorite Music: Pop
  • Favorite Movie: Fantasy movies
  • Favorite Motto: “Be number 1”
  • Favorite place to go: None
  • Favorite Fashion Style: Casual
  • Role Models: Yoo Young Jin (composer)
  • Celebrities they’re close with: None (at the moment)
Fun Facts:
  • He is close with EXO-K’s Kai.
  • He and Kai are roommates.
  • He officially joined SM Entertainment in 2010 after winning a singing competition.
  • He was a kid ulzzang.
  • He is obsessed with cleaning. He is always tidy and likes to sort things by color, brands, and type.
  • He is like the mother of the group. He always does the cooking and looks after the other members.
  • If he didn’t become a singer, he would’ve been a chef.
  • His parents were very supportive of him becoming a singer.
  • He said that he would one day want to become EXO’s fashion designer and hair stylist, to which the members unanimously said “No, Thanks.”
  • He is one of the shortest members in EXO, alongside Suho, Xiumin, and Chen.
  • When he gets nervous, he forgets things easily.
  • He is a fan of f(x).
  • He was a calm and quiet person back in high school, and he doesn’t want his friends to find out about his life at SM Entertainment.
  • He stated once that Pororo resembles him a lot.
  • If the EXO dorms are messy, D.O will nag the other members.
  • D.O is close to Luhan because they joined SM Entertainment on the same day.
  • D.O’s English pronunciation is pretty good.
  • D.O’s favorite song is Travie McCoy’s “Billionaire” ft. Bruno Mars.
  • He doesn’t call Chanyeol “hyung” because Chanyeol told him he wants the two to be close friends.
  • Suho likes coming into D.O’s room to talk, to which point Kai kicks him out.
  • When D.O told Luhan that he would study Mandarin harder, Luhan laughed.
  • D.O respects TVXQ’s Yunho a lot.
  • D.O is close friends with BtoB’s Lim Hyunsik.
  • Kai would hide D.O’s clothes from time to time. D.O would respond by smacking Kai.
  • D.O’s cell phone is the iPhone 5.
  • When D.O would play with Super Junior’s Ryeowook, Suho would get jealous.
  • If D.O is in the company of only EXO members, he will joke around a lot.